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Business Advisory Services

What are Business Advisory Services 


Business priorities change in relation to many factors, including socio-economic background and working age. While a startup can prioritize funding and market entry, a more established company will prioritize new market penetration, change management, innovation, and corporate governance.

 The company can benefit from competent advice at any time. An objective point of view can make a difference.  Business consultants are independent and seasoned experts who can provide practical support, advice, and assistance in specific business areas to improve business success.

Business advisory services cover every aspect of the business, from managing the finances to better and more fully marketing your product or service to initiating research and development and improving your operations. Business consulting is offered to help companies identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas.


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Business Services Planning Your Business 


Establishing and running a business organization requires not only sound financial planning, reporting, and management but a sound commercial base.

Our Business Advisory Services aims at getting to know your business goals so that we can offer the best possible advice, recommend steps to improve business efficiency, and if required, attend key business meetings to give us our valuable professional input.

Whether you are starting a new business or an established concern, you can always contact us for a review of your financial standing and establish the right way forward. With our proven expertise and experience in business strategy consulting, we can help you develop a robust financial strategy for your organization’s future growth with a sustainable financial base in place.

We offer the most professional business services in High Wycombe and the surrounding suburbs. Our business services aim at developing business plans and strategies, especially for small businesses.  

AHW has assembled a team of business consultants who are able to meet the needs of companies at various stages of development. We currently offer consulting services in:


  • Marketing

  • Corporate governance

  • Research, technology development, and innovation

  • Found a company

  • Operations