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What is the Importance of VAT Returns for a Business?

If your turnover is more than the current VAT threshold then you should get your business registered for VAT. In this case you will have to complete and submit a VAT return to HMRC, normally each quarter.
Even if you are not required to register for VAT it may still be beneficial to register voluntarily. Making a decision about registering or not registering can be confusing. But no worries, as long as we are there to help you. We can talk this through with you to ensure that you receive the best advice possible based on your circumstances.

How We Help You Throughout VAT Registration and the VAT Returns Process.

After completing your VAT Returns we do not just take the figures from your bookkeeping and submit them to HRMC. We thoroughly  review your bookkeeping, to see if there are any inaccuracies which can negatively affect the VAT Returns.

We pay special attention to ensure that we claim for all the VAT your business has incurred, eso that you pay as little VAT as possible to HMRC. Once satisfied, that the bookkeeping is accurate we review your businesses circumstances to see if any we can make any recommendations for your business.

So for example, if your customers usually take a while to pay you after you raise your invoices but you pay your suppliers straight away then we may recommend cash accounting for your VAT to improve your cash flow.

Once all the recommendations have been considered, we will double check that everything is accurate. Once confirmed, you will be sent our calculated figures to review and once you are satisfied we will submit the VAT Return to HMRC.



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