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When will be the next Eco. Crises?

Economic Crises

It is often said that there are only two types of investors: those who do not know where the market is headed and those who do not know that they do not know. But even so there is always someone willing to convince you with magnificent arguments, who will be able to guess what will happen next in the markets.

We do not pretend to be one of those who think they are smarter than the market, trying to show here when the next economic and financial crisis will be on a world scale. We have long assumed that the market takes random steps, which we are unable to foresee. But we would like to do some reflections on this.

Many times, once the facts occur, everything seems to be very clear. But meanwhile, we tend to live happily in absolute ignorance. That nobody is able to foresee that the bag will do next week, within a month or two, does not mean, on the other hand, that an ordinary person can see something that the vast majority does not see or that simply refuses to recognize.

We do not know when the next global economic crisis will be. But more or less, we can have a certainty that it will come. And we do know that there are a series of patterns that are often repeated and that we cannot ignore. Nor will it make sense to take our hands to the head when they occur, because it will be reasonably expected. Another thing, is that we refuse to see it.

There are people who have been anticipating for years a great global financial crisis predicting catastrophes and giving specific dates. And as time goes by, they continue to renew their prophecies. Well, We always say that if every day when you get up you say you're going to die, it's sure that one day you'll be right.

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